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Dear Friends,

Unfortunately the Bistun monument is in a very dismal shape and is decaying rapidly.  Neglect, constant rain, growing weeds and rusted metal are some of the reasons for this decay.  This small page was designed in order highlight this unfortunate situation.  It is our hope that  the appropriate parties from the cultural ministry of Iran take serious steps in preserving this unique and universal historical landmark.


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Touching god
Dr. Touraj Daryayi

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Ruby, Jill, "The Behistun Inscription and the Decipherment of Akkadian", Bulletin of the Canadian Society for Mesopotamian Studies (ISSN 0844-3416), 1996, p. 15-16:

Our story begins with modern Europeans first contacts with the Near East and cuneiform texts, which led to interest in the unusual writing system.  This, in turn, made possible the decipherment of the Old Persian language, which ultimately provided the key by which the Akkadian language was deciphered.  Of particular interest here is the Behistun inscription, a lengthy text written in three ancient languages: Old Persian, Elamite, and Akkadian.  This text was to play an important role in the decipherment of each of these languages.